SEO Trends and Predictions for 2023

Stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of SEO with our latest blog post. Discover the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimisation, including the frequent updates to Google’s ranking algorithms. Explore why it is crucial to regularly revisit and update your digital marketing strategies to align with current trends. Dive into the top SEO trends and predictions for 2023 that you should watch out for. Gain valuable insights to bring your business the best possible exposure and stay ahead of the competition. Don’t miss out on optimising your online presence for success. Read now and stay on top of the SEO game in 2023.

A Strong Focus on People-First Content

In August 2022, Google introduced the “helpful content update,” prioritising the connection between users and quality, original content created by people, for people. This update aims to reward content that puts users first, providing value and relevance, rather than content solely designed to attract search engine traffic. Search engine-driven content, often lacking substance and relevance, relies heavily on automation and fails to satisfy searchers’ needs.

To adapt to these changes, Google has streamlined its indexing process, focusing on indexing the most relevant and useful results while devaluing duplicate or unsatisfactory content. To ensure your webpage is successfully indexed and ranked, it must offer high-quality content that showcases your expertise and unique perspectives in the relevant fields. Each piece of content should serve a clear purpose, providing factual information and including links to reputable sources, establishing your webpage as an authoritative and trustworthy resource.

Aligning with the latest SEO trends, removing unhelpful content will not only improve the user experience but also contribute to the long-term rankings of the pages you aim to highlight. Emphasizing quality, value-driven content will optimise your webpage for success in the evolving search landscape.

The Rise of Voice Search


In contrast to written search terms that often use short and specific keywords, voice search relies on complete phrases and questions that are commonly used in conversations. For businesses to effectively target voice search, it is essential to create content that is relevant and adaptable to this unique search method. This involves focusing on conversational keywords that align with verbal phrasing and natural language processing.

To optimise your content for voice search, it is beneficial to provide concise and direct answers in your blurbs, offering users quick responses to their queries before diving into more detailed information. Incorporating an FAQ section on your webpage is an excellent way to naturally include conversational questions and enhance your webpage’s optimisation for this SEO trend.

By catering to voice search and incorporating conversational keywords, businesses can increase their visibility and relevance in voice search results. Adapting your content to the way people naturally speak and search will help capture the growing audience using voice assistants and devices for their search queries.

  1. Relevance: This factor assesses how closely a search result aligns with the words and intent used by the searcher in their query. It focuses on the content and context of a website to determine its relevance to the user’s search.
  2. Distance: Google considers the geographical proximity between the user and the business when they conduct a search. The algorithm aims to provide results that are conveniently located for the user, taking into account their current location or specified area.
  3. Prominence: Prominence refers to how important Google perceives a business to be in relation to its competitors. This factor considers various signals, such as online reviews, ratings, citations from reputable sources, and overall online presence, to assess the prominence and reputation of a business.

By understanding these three critical factors—relevance, distance, and prominence—you can optimise your website and online presence to improve your chances of appearing prominently in local search results. Stay tuned as we explore effective strategies to enhance these factors and boost your local search visibility.

Mobile-Firendly and Responsive Design


As of November 2022, there are approximately 6.64 billion smartphone users worldwide, and mobile devices accounted for 63% of organic search engine visits in the fourth quarter of 2021. These numbers continue to rise and are projected to grow further. The widespread use of smartphones has surpassed desktop usage, offering users unparalleled convenience while on the go.

To cater to this mobile-first audience, it is crucial to have a responsive website design. A responsive design ensures that your website adapts seamlessly to users’ screen sizes, eliminating the need for them to take extra steps to access your content. Implementing this SEO trend eliminates the requirement for creating multiple websites for different devices, preventing confusion and inaccuracies in links when making updates.

Not only does responsive site design provide a better user experience, but it also has the potential to improve your conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. It is important to note that Google’s algorithm favors websites optimised for mobile devices. If your website is not equipped to cater to smartphone users, it may receive lower rankings in desktop search results.

By embracing responsive site design and prioritising mobile optimisation, you can effectively reach and engage with the growing number of smartphone users, enhance user experience, and improve your overall search engine rankings.

Optimise Featured Snippets


Featured snippets, positioned at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), provide complete answers to specific queries without requiring users to click through to a website. These snippets commonly appear when a question is searched and offer definitions or step-by-step guides. Optimising your content for featured snippets presents an opportunity for increased search visibility, as your content can appear prominently at the top of the page. This not only enhances brand recognition but also drives higher organic traffic.

To increase the chances of your content being featured in snippets, it is beneficial to focus on optimising content that addresses questions beginning with words like ‘what’, ‘why’, or ‘how’. By structuring your content to provide clear and concise answers to these types of queries, you can enhance the likelihood of being selected by Google for featured snippets.

By leveraging the power of featured snippets, you can improve your website’s visibility, establish thought leadership, and capture users’ attention with direct and valuable information right on the SERP. Incorporating an effective strategy to optimise your content for featured snippets can drive significant organic traffic and boost your overall brand presence online.

Page Experience is Vital


The Core Web Vitals are essential metrics that evaluate a website’s browsing experience, encompassing factors like page speed, responsiveness, visual stability, and more, for both mobile and desktop devices. Optimising your webpage to provide the best possible user experience is crucial for achieving higher rankings for targeted keywords and securing prominent positions in search results, including featured snippets and top stories. To assess and enhance your website’s performance, you can utilise Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, which provides insights into how your website performs on both mobile and desktop devices, highlighting areas that require improvement.

As we enter the new year, it’s the perfect time to optimise your website in alignment with the predicted SEO trends of 2023. Regardless of your business, incorporating search engine optimisation strategies as a cornerstone of your marketing efforts will undoubtedly yield positive results in terms of website traffic and ranking. By staying updated with the latest SEO practices and continuously improving your website’s user experience, you can enhance your online presence, attract more visitors, and achieve your digital marketing goals.